About Us

We turn everyday objects into unique objects of art

For us, art is a domain that simply belongs to daily life. It is, after all, an engagement with nature and the world, that is, something that allows us to understand what is happening around and to us. Everyone loves to have beautiful and interesting things around them. Only when pleasant and bright colors surround us and their composition sometimes stimulates us to think or evokes certain emotions in us, we feel good and have joy in life. Art is an important part of humans’ lives and accompanies them even when dealing with the latest technologies. In today’s digitalized world, technology takes on a human touch, a language on its own, which makes it more pleasant to use. Practical and functional everyday objects should not only fulfill their role, but they should also look aesthetically pleasing and help create lighter and happier thoughts. This is close to our hearts.

Aesthetic harmony between nature and technology

Environmental protection is extremely important nowadays, not only given the rapidly advancing climate change and its associated negative consequences for us and our natural environment. Nobody questions that conserving resources, limiting the consumption of fossil fuels, and minimizing CO2 emissions are important aspects of this issue. For us, environmental protection is a way of life, a responsibility we carry within us for future generations. Only when we have green forests with their breathable healthy air, fragrant flowers with their bright colors, and buzzing insects with their food-providing bustle around us, can we speak of a life truly worth living; a life we also wish for our children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren, so they can continue to live on our blue planet filled with greenery. We wish to contribute to this.

Why Wallbox chargers?

Every modern person probably uses well-designed technical devices in everyday life. They help us better organize our lives, but they can also be applied to use renewable energy more efficiently, adding a sustainable aspect to our lives. State-of-the-art technologies connect us, offer us new opportunities and let us become more creative, mobile, and flexible. In cooperation with the international company Wallbox, which is the market leader in manufacturing and distributing innovative and smart charging devices for electric vehicles, we are taking this path together by incorporating them into our individual, custom-designed charging stations.