Charging stations of a special kind
for your home

With the advent of electric cars, charging stations are increasingly taking over our daily living space. Like photovoltaic systems, they have become standard equipment in many private households. But charging stations don't have to be boring and expressionless, they can be an aesthetic addition to our homes. We show you how art and technological innovation can merge creatively!

In the first step, you select the individual elements in the gallery, such as graphics, base, or roof, that your charging pole will be made of.

Next, you can individually put together the selected elements of your charging station and add them to the shopping cart.

The design of your charging station is now complete! You will be redirected to the payment page and the order of your desired charging station will be placed!

With our intuitive configurator, you can create your personal and customized charging pole in no time at all.

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Diverse components of the charging station

Assemble the charging station for your e-car according to your wishes. We offer bases and roofs in many colors, which can be perfectly combined with the artwork. Their high-quality workmanship guarantees the absolute safety of use, excellent durability, and long service life of the charging pole.

Wide range of modern artworks

We have carefully selected works of art by European modern artists, which stand in excellent harmony with technological achievements. Energizing colors and flowing shapes expressively tie in with the power of eco-electricity. Pure aesthetic pleasure!

Clever and powerful chargers

We provide you with smart charging solutions from the product range of the Wallbox company. The latest software makes charging an e-car as easy as charging a smartphone. Look forward to the climate-friendly, fast, and extremely efficient charging of your electric car.

Work of Art

Art has always been an important part of man's life and accompanies him even in technical progress. In today's digitized world, technology takes on a human touch, making it more enjoyable and beautiful to use. That's why we want a daily use device like a charging station to meet not only functional needs but most importantly, the aesthetic needs of our customers.


Given the rapidly advancing climate change, environmental protection is more important today than ever before. The hitherto reckless and mass consumption of fossil fuels, as well as CO2 emissions, must be stopped so that our planet can breathe deeply again. Electromobility is therefore an important contribution to a clean and climate-friendly future, which we want to promote and support with our unique charging stations.


State-of-the-art and well-designed technologies not only make our everyday lives easier but also allow us to use renewable energy efficiently. For our individually designed charging stations, we use innovative chargers from the market leader Wallbox, which are compatible with electric cars of all makes. With these smart solutions, you can always charge your e-car exactly as you want - quickly, sustainably, and economically.